I wasn’t getting positive offers for my car ad on Buy and Sell. So I decide to see if I could add value to my vehicle. I brought my 2007 Jeep Wrangler into Kingsway Auto Detail in Vancouver … vacuum, interior detail, washing, cut polish and engine steam clean – shampoo… and 2 days later I sold it at my asking price! Thanks guys!

Vic Vancouver, BC

I always grab a cup of coffee in the morning. One day on the way to work in Richmond, enjoying my morning coffee while listening to the car radio, when all of sudden this lady in front of me decided to slam on the breaks. I held my coffee out to the side and slammed on my brakes… no collision … apparently the lady was trying to avoid a cat crossing the road. But after looking at what happened out on the road I checked to see what happened in the car. I spilt some coffee all over my passenger seat … I grabbed some tissue and all the coffee soaked up really nicely … it was a good thing I brought my car in last week to get the fabric protection from Kingsway Auto Detailing Centre

Geoff Richmond, BC

I’m so busy with my job these days … so I’ve been putting of cleaning my BMW for 2 months now. My girlfriend was so furious about my car and the way it looked to our friends so I had it detailed by the boys at Kingsway Auto Detail, the Complete Detailing Package, before I went home… Great job, my car smells and feels new again.

John North Vancouver, BC

This new RestorFX paint refinishing system is simply amazing. Before I had it done I was getting offers of $5000 less on my car. I’m glad I got it done, I was able to sell my Jeep for way more., it was like showroom new!!

Brenda Vancouver, BC

My husband was painting the outside of our house in Burnaby with a sprayer last summer. When I got home from the a jog, I noticed that the car had paint overspray, I had a fit … he blamed it on the wind so … my husband found you guys, and got the overspray removed. Fantastic job!

Sarah Burnaby, BC

More Reviews to Come …

Anil Karan